Litter "M II." od Uhoste

Rakša (Xí od Úhoště) & Shadow (Cair Potomok vlkov)

More about Raksha, photos, pedigree, documents.

Raksha is our three years old female Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, you can read about her at this website. We have a whole section in English. Some of the notes are in English too.

More about Shadow, photos, pedigree, his owner's web in Czech.

Shadow is a young male Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, this is his first litter. Shadow is a woking dog, active in mushing with Juliana's sledding team, he's also successful at dog shows. His temperament is mild, calm and friendly. His health is perfect and he has the same graceful wolfish movement like Raksha. He is not very related to her, and luckily lives close to us - as you see, we couldn't wish for a better match;)


Born: 8th December 2012 early morning, three females and two boys, one boy died suddenly after nine days

Pedigree: here

Statistics: COI (5) = 2,89%, COI (7) = 10,59%, AVK (7) = 55,51%, RC (7) = 18,21%, wolf blood = 27,90%

The litter is registered under our breeder Hana Kaufmanová's kennel Od Úhoště.

Monty II. od Úhoště

Arguedas, Navarra, Spain, ♀ DM: N/N (by parentage) Pink string. Danka is a careful puppy, our little mouse. She enjoys cuddling in people's laps more than playing and discovering the garden with her siblings. When the puppies' teeth started to grow and they started to bite, Danka remained gentle. This gentleness and carefulness disappears quickly, however, as soon as food is served, and as for her siblings - she has learned to stand her ground. When Mysteria wanted to steal her bone, she met with such a fierce growling from Danka that she quickly thought better of it:] Appearance-wise Danka reminds us of Raksha when she was a puppy. Danka was the darkest one of the litter, smaller, our cute little pet. A selection of Mí's photos.

Marley II. od Úhoště

Nové Dvory, ČR, ♀Youth meeting: A66 Of P1, note: Tail is carried slightly to the right. DM: N/N (by parentage) We marked her with a light blue string, which faded to grey and then was chewed off by Raksha, so I used a colorful bracelet on Mystery instead then. Since the beginning she was the biggest puppy in the litter and she takes great care to keep her food-enthusiast's figure;] Mystery seems to us to be a self-confident dog, not very irritable, she is playful, inquisitive and calm. At one year of age, she is still everywhere at once, a misbehaving bouncy ball of energy, who loves all people and animals. (Especially her family, a dog and two cats that she lives with and loves to tease:) A selection of Mystery's photos.

Mí II. od Úhoště

Krásná Hora, ČR, ♂Youth meeting: A66 Of P1, note: Tail is perfectly set.Bonitation: As I10 K5 Of /65 Behaviour during measuring: Od - strongly excitable, Xv 53,8 Xf 112,3 approved for mating, class I.Dysplasia: DKK A (0/0) DLK (0/0)DM: N/N DW: N/Dw (Genrex) DNA profile ibid.

Working trials: ZOP

Registration number: CMKU/CSV/3446/12

Bonitation results sheet

Video from bonitation

We marked Monty with a dark green string around his neck.

In our observation he is a calm, easygoing dog, interested in toys and in stealing them away from his rambunctious sisters to do a bit of concentrated chewing in private. He knows all people are good - to sleep on. When there are no people available, he uses his sisters or at least Raksha as a pillow. Playing, fighting, eating and sleeping simply make for a happy Monty.

At youth meeting his temperament was judged as mild, easygoing and benevolent, and he has also won his first obedience hobby competition in the summer!

A selection of Monty's photos.

Mysteria II. od Úhoště


Smithfield, Virginia, USA, ♀ DM: N/N (by parentage) Red string. Marley is a little devil. (Our family surname - Čertík - means "little devil":) She is courageous, curious, goes everywhere first, agile and cheeky. None of her siblings dares to growl at their mom the way Marley does, and she gets disciplined by her the most, too. But Marley doesn't let it damper her spirits for long. A run for cover, a bit of whining - and soon you have her everywhere at once again. Just like Raksha used to, Marley prefers thorough biting rather than some cuddling. She gets bored in people's lap quickly, and when no person or sibling is available for biting, she shreds anything else. A selection of Marley's photos.