Litter "Y II." od Uhoste

Rakša (Xí od Úhoště) & Niko (Domenico Tichý stín)

More about Raksha, photos, pedigree, documents.

Raksha is seven years old, and you can read more about her here on this website, part of it is in English. She already gave us four puppies in her previous litter, and we think she did a great job. This is her last litter, therefore we fully intend to have as much fun as we can with the cute little furry balls before they leave for new homes:)

More about Niko, photogallery, pedigree.

Niko has passed bonitation only this year - he is two years old. He is very well behaved and his owner has trained him properly - he has a reliable recall, including away from wild animals, he lives with three cats and his gentle and protective behaviour towards them puts Raksha's attitude towards Shiva to shame:) He is a strong and uncompromising guardian of his garden, house, owners. His wide head is particularly beautiful, typical of a male CSW, with small ears, bright eyes and tight lips pulled back in permanent smile. Niko seems never to lose his cheerful mood, he fears nothing apart from his owner's displeasure, and he loves to cuddle.

Born: 3.11.2016, three females, one male. One puppy was stillborn - a female.Pedigree: hereMating: 30.8., 1.9. a 4.9.Statistics: COI (5) = 2,29%, COI (7) = 10,71%, AVK (7) = 57,93%, RC (7) = 19,32% The litter is managed under the Od Úhoště kennel again by our breeder Hana Kaufmanová.


Yaken II. od ÚhoštěOřech, CZE, ♂


Chip number: 991001000418121

Mitra will stay home with us. His name comes from Sanskrit again, meaning "friend". He was born first, the only male, the smallest of the litter, but at around fifth week of age he was already the widest:) He loves to cuddle and doesn't bite, Raksha was never like this! Could his dad possibly be our neutered cat? Their eyes are similar, after all;]

Mitra's photos at Picasa, DeviantArt and Czech Club gallery.

More detailed page about Mitra.

Yzzy II. od Úhoště

Young Ch., South Korea, ♀


Chip number: 991001000418122

Yzzy was at first marked from her identical sister by a string, then I made her a bracelet, which disappeared from her neck soon after (I have strong suspicions regarding Raksha's involvement in this), so finally you can distinguish her at the puppy photos by yellow/black collar. Yzzy was supposed to stay in Czechia, but ended up traveling to South Korea where she will spread Raksha's glory among plentiful company of more CSWs, cats and kangals.

Website of Marvewood kennel.

Yzzy's photos at Picasa, DeviantArt and Czech Club gallery.

Ygraine II. od ÚhoštěPraha, CZE, ♀


Chip number: 991001000418137

Ygraine (named after the mother of King Arthur) will live very near us, so we hope to get to see her and her new family often. She is the cuddliest puppy in the litter. On pictures you will know her by the colorful friendship bracelet around her neck, and when that one got lost (I bet Raksha ate it:) I made her another one from a blue-and-white strap. After Ygraine left for her new home, she decided to shed all pretenses of being a well-behaved cute pet and started up a proper wolfdog puppy hell... luckily her owners didn't sue us and we keep meeting up regularly;]

Ygraine's photos at Picasa, DeviantArt and Czech Club gallery.

Yasmi II. od Úhoště

Kadaň, CZE, ♀


Chip number: 991001000418132

Right from the start you could tell Yasmi apart by her curly coat and light colour, not to mention size, so there was no need to bother her by any sort of collar. Beside the wavy fur and the aptitude for fat belly, Yasmi and Mitra share a deep soulful look in their pretty eyes, but don't let that fool you, Yasmi is a puckish little hellion;] Our breeder has picked Yasmi out for herself, as she is the reason why we even went through the whole puppies business one more time. We hope that Yasmi will fulfill all Hanka's hopes and maybe in time pass Raksha's genes on to another generation.

Website of od Úhoště kennel.

Yasmi's photos at Picasa, DeviantArt and Czech Club gallery.