Born: 30.7.2009Breed: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog FemaleRegistered name: Xí od ÚhoštěReal name: Rakša ('š' sounds same as 'sh' in English)Youth meeting: A63 Oh P1Bonitation: A61,5 C2 Oh P1 Xv 55,3 Xf 113,8Dysplasia: DKK A (0/0) DLK (0/0) (Duchek, Vetcentrum)Degenerative myelopathy: N/N (ČZU)Dwarfism: free (both parents certified free)COI: 17% (7 generations)AVK: 45% (7 generations) Raksha is a blood donor and a winner of a CSW contest O Kapra Karla Hartla

Sire: Jawzahr z Peronówki

Dam: Queen od Úhoště

Siblings: seven, pedigree

Puppies: five, litter "M" od Úhoště, pedigree

The word raksha in Sanskrit and Hindi means 'to protect' and raakshas means 'demon'. It is pronounced as Rak+sha. I think it expresses well the double nature of a wolfdog, who is part wolf (Eurasian), part dog (German Shepherd).

Some of her opinions:

    • Cars are noisy, smelly, small, and all in all bad.

    • Cats, however, smell tasty and are to be chased at all times.

    • All people are good and all people love to licked by a big dog, especially babies in prams.

    • Food! If a food temple existed, Raksha would be the most zealous worshipper in it.

    • After food, food, food and people come dogs, good substitutes when people don't want to play.

      • It's a sad fact that some dogs are stupid beyond any help. I can only ignore them.

      • Same-sex hostility appeared with maturity. Some bitches are simply bitches and as such they should be eliminated. Preferably by me.

    • Veterinarians are lovely, and do not fight off your affections. Some even let you lick their ears!

      • After going through sedation for the x-ray dysplasia evaluation, my love of veterinarians cooled off a bit.

    • Horses are scary. Yet they produce some lovely droppings.

    • Everything is edible. Except for styrofoam; as it refuses to be digested properly, but hey, nothing's final!

    • Snow is good. People get out often to play with brooms. Also the cat is slower in it. <insert evil dog's snicker here>

    • I don't care much for water, but if I come across shallow muddy pool or stream, I happily lose control and go crazy.

      • I'm developing stronger and stronger affinity for water with growing age...

    • It's a pity I'm not allowed to hunt anything bigger than a mouse, I make up for it by hunting down and eating several mice each walk.

The list is probably going to get longer and longer, as Raksha's unique personality evolves.

Oh yeah.

Her unique personality evolves all right. I used to laugh at other people's dogs destroiyng everything with amusing creativeness. As Raksha started on her own list of destroyed things, I no longer find similar lists all that funny. Still, we are lucky she does not have access to our house, therefore she misses out on all the things which are really worth destroying.

    1. Mom nursed the special climbing plant on the front of the house for two years, only to have it overnight completely stripped down to the last aerial rootlet. The plant did not survive and Raksha was in great danger of following suit.

    2. Wicker baskets -forgotten in the evening on a table- in early daylight revealed that yes, Raksha is finally big enough to get on the table. The basket got a special attention from her teeth.

    3. One broom. Yeah, we do realize now that with the broom we were practically begging for it.

    4. A slightly smaller amount of blackberries can be expected to grow next year, the result of Raksha's natural talent for large-scale gardening.

    5. Several meters of garden hose. I think we gave that to her more or less voluntarily. (Meaning we din't have a choice.) Some bits were 2 cm long.

    6. Serene picture of Raksha contentedly chewing metal wire and little glass lamps of what used to be christmas lights presented itself on chilly winter morning. She must have jumped and dragged it down from the tree. Some bits were 30 cm long.

    7. A good taste in jewellery Raksha demonstrated by expertly eating a silver lizzard earring off my ear.

    8. Another earring gone. I'm starting to suspect she's doing that on purpose.

    9. When the snow finally melted in spring, I found another of my earrings, which I had declared lost in autumn thanks to Raksha's attentions to my ear. I sense a pattern here.

    10. Tick-repelling collar was another discovery made after the spring melting. Hayaakim came to stay for a week with us in August, and this collar one day disappeared from his neck without a trace.

    11. Another climbing plant gone.

    12. It finally dawned on Raksha that what the postman brings every day is meant for her to do with as she pleases. After she tore and chewed our letters, newspapers and bills into tiny pieces (which she trampled down in the mud) for the third time, we bought a post box which is Raksha-resistant.

    13. Our new bush in the form of one single twing proved to be so offensive to Raksha's sense of beauty that she chewed it off.

    14. One plastic watering can. Is now a strainer.

    15. Raksha is slowly gaining proficiency in food-stealing. Starting with rolls, breezing through cheese, she proved real skill in stealing a grilled chicken from right under the picnickers' noses.

Raksha's various accomplishments:

    1. 1st place in a hobby competition O Kapra Karla Hartla 2011, out of eight participants

    2. 3rd place out of 25 in the selfsame competition, only in 2013

    3. 3rd place out of 7 in a hobby obedience competition at a training seminar in Slovakia

    4. "Excellent" mark at specialty CSW show 2012 from the experienced judge Monika Soukupová

    5. Donating blood at Vetcentrum Stodůlky

    6. My portrait of Raksha adorning the cover of a magazine

    7. Passing successfully a yout meeting, bonitation, hips and elbows x-rays = getting breeding licence and rearing a beautiful litter of puppies

    8. Acting gig as a wolf in a music video by Floex

    9. Several people who told us that Raksha and we personally, or this website, have convinced them to obtain a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog:)