• Born: August 2009

    • Breed: Eversurviving Slivenec Streetcat

    • Male

    • Real name: Šiva ('š' sounds same as 'sh' in English)

Shiva (also Siva) (pronounced /ˈʃiːvə/; Sanskrit: शिव, Śiva; meaning "Auspicious one"), is a major Hindu deity, both destroyer and benefactor. (from Wikipedia)

Shiva the cat is definitely a demon, and his name I chose so that it would go together nicely with Raksha. But little did I know that because of the similarity we would mix the names at the beginning...

Now the difference is established, Raksha the dog is no longer called Shiva while Shiva the cat is called many names (some are unprintable :) but he comes only when called Shiva, because Shiva means 'food is ready' to him.

Shiva is easy to please:

    1. Get up when he wakes you,

    2. go give him raw chicken wing to eat immediately,

    3. offer him milk if he feels thirsty afterwards,

    4. lay back down,

    5. let him rest on top of you

    6. and then just scratch and caress him till he's fast asleep.

    • Milk. They say that cats cannot drink milk because they are incapable of digesting it uselfully, it can even give them indigestion. Well Shiva thinks that's just rubbish, and he would digest even you, if you tried to take his morning bowl of milk away.

    • Shoelaces. When you tie them, when you untie them - he's always there to help you.

    • Mice. Shiva is a hunter to the bone: his first mouse he caught on 7.12. 2009, and since then he leaves his prey around for us to find. Not even Raksha eats his mice and little birds leftovers. I think the demon kitty likes the chase, but as for eating what he caught - well, chicken wings simply taste better.

    • Raksha's absence in the garden. Nothing prevents him then from chasing leaves, sunbathing, playing around and chasing even me and my gardening hands.

One of his numerous probable siblings is Ulla, who now lives with my friend and despite being female is twice as fierce as my cuddly little kitten.