A visit from Bengie and Ebi

Post date: Aug 26, 2012 3:57:55 PM

Our garden needs more wolfdogs. That was my concluding idea after Bengie and Ebi came for a visit, with Terka and Hanka. Bengie was in heat and was a bit rough with Ebi, but Ebi has an amazingly calm and balanced character. I hope she will stay like that, though her submissivity might go once she grows up. It was a pleasure to watch Raksha and Ebi interact with one another. I took many photos. Raksha looked very unsociable at first, greeting our wolfdog visitors by growling right at the bus stop, having time only for a quick passing glance at Terka and Hanka before getting back to growling and trying to look imposing despite having to sit down. She loves all people and is very forgiving even to people that own female wolfdogs:] A walk across our village on leash took the girls' steam off, mainly Raksha's. So much so that once our garden entrance was closed we let the girls free. Bengie had to wear a muzzle, though not all the time. She just didn't have enough socialization with wolfdogs and was only just discovering the fact that wolfish games are more acceptable when no one gets hurt;]Bengie looks very similar to Raksha, her mother Moki is Raksha's grandmother, they come from Od Úhoště Kennel. Ebi z Kopáčkova dvora belongs to Terka's S Divokou krví Kennel.My photos. Terka's photos.