A Walk with a Real Wolf

Post date: Nov 11, 2011 10:35:53 AM

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog people like to call their dogs wolf, but CSWs are already a far cry from a real wolf. And with one such wolf we met and went for a sunday afternoon walk in Hvězda. We means my dad and Raksha, Jiří Andrle and she-wolf Besska and Ruby, Lenka, Adrian and Winonka Dragonari with Mašké, Darlin and Sigrid. Our wolf pack got a lot of attention wherever we went, but Bessinka was a true star, getting photographed at all times. And she, like an experienced celebrity bore it all with ease, acting natural:]Not only people, but also dogs often stopped and stared, which couldn't be said about our wolfdogs, they were always running and playing, usually too intensely for other sunday afternoon pets. Sigrid and Darlin stayed on leash, and one careless labrador got too close and there was some disagreement between the dogs. And I was amused to hear the owner of the labrador calling his dog away and swearing that it all was our fault, because we had the dogs on leash, whereas he didn't. Maybe next time we shall unleash our less-friendly dogs and see how they get along with his less-friendly labrador;]The autumn is gorgeous, the colors, leaves falling and the sun was still warm. We had much fun!Photos here, as usual.