Bessinka no.2 (or 3 if you want to be precise)

Post date: Jul 25, 2013 12:5:53 PM

"What kennel is that puppy from?!" was the incredulous question asked by experienced CSW people at facebook, where I published the first few shots of Bessinka. So wolfish! So cute! Well, it looks very wolfish mainly because it is a true Eurasian Wolf pup, five weeks old, just arrived from Pilsen ZOO where it was born:)

Bessinka's owners also own two adult Eurasian Wolves as well as a Canadian one and a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. (Not to mention many Siberian Cats...) They used to own two Bessinka's already, one was a female Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, and the second one was a daughter of their two wolves, whom I had the pleasure to meet before her tragic demise.Bessinka played with Ruby and especially with Raksha, and I have taken so so many photos... She tried to run and hide at first, but was surprisingly quick to relax and before long she had Raksha on her back, enjoying friendly wolfish games "Eat and be eaten." ;]

Photos here.