Can wolfdogs make backflips?

Post date: May 12, 2014 9:22:55 AM

This is what Marley looked like the last day we saw her, and now that we met her again, she fully deserved the famous exclamation hated by every grandkid the world over: "My goodness, look how big you have grown!"

I don't think she recognized my dad and I, but being the affectionate dog she is, she welcomed us warmly anyway. Her owner, Rick, has been a great host, and he braved the awfully rainy weather with us and the dogs, as we were the only ones in the whole Virginia frolicking about on the beach and in parks taking photos of Marley and Ladybug – in pouring rain;]

Marley is about 60 cm at withers, friendly to all people and most of the dogs. She enjoys the company of her "bigger sister" Ladybug, a German Shepherd. Marley inherited the smooth wolfish movement that both of her parents have, her coat has the contrasting colours of Shadow as well as Raksha's dash of yellow on top of it. I think she is wonderful and here are many photos to prove it:]

Oh and about those backflips? Sure they can, whenever they get excited: