Cerberus, Akkon, Beruška and some older videos

Post date: Mar 20, 2012 6:50:21 AM

Cerberus ArQeVa needed some socialization with nice dogs, so Akkon, Beruška and Rakša pretended to be these extremely nice dogs. Well, to Cerberus they were; however, Beruška and Rakša had a little disagreement, so Beruška ended up with a muzzle, and Rakša kepts her ears and tail down and stayed meticulously out of her way. Akkon is a full brother of Amelly Sophia de Molay, with which we went for a walk a year ago, and I think that they indeed look similar, as much as an adult male and female can;]Cerberus is Jana's new dog, he lives with Amelly Sophia in a yard full of chicken. And none have been killed so far! I bet he will grow up to be a beauty, just like his father, Amore Mio Srdcerváč.Photos here.I have finally put together a recording of how dad climbed a tree and mom with Raksha picked the apples he shook down. The strudel mom baked afterwards tasted fantastic!

This is where Raksha sleeps during the toughest freezes. (It was supposed to be a reserve stack of hay, she has some in her kennel, and so does Shiva.)