Danka update

Post date: Jun 08, 2016 10:9:7 AM

She is apparently the only dog relentless enough to make even an unfriendly pet ferret play with her:) She likes all animals, even nurses little baby birds. I guess she has a generally very friendly character, she likes babies and as you can see from the photo, the new addition to her family enjoys all the wolfy comforts Danka can give:) And as a bonus: lots of kisses!

Danka's owners say that she is a good family pet, good with babies and has plenty dog friends, but as she reaches adulthood (three years), she is starting to show the usual unwelcome CSW characteristic trait - not being friendly with dogs of the same sex. She has very good obedience and respect to both her owners, but from now on they have to keep a closer eye on her interaction with unknown dogs.

Danka is a little jealous of the baby, she wants to get the same caresses that the baby gets. Because her owners know how to treat, raise and train animals, they made sure that while the baby now is top priority, both family dogs still get love and attention, and they therefore love their new little owner very much.

Danka and Atila - baby bodyguards:)

Play dead!

Family trips are fun