Donating Blood

Post date: Sep 19, 2011 6:55:8 AM

Raksha was not exactly thrilled to do this, but she held still (being held firmly by me and dad:) until 400ml was drawn. In preparation for blood drawing her complete health was checked, she was weighed and her blood got tested. She is in full health (otherwise she wouldn't be accepted as a donor), weighs 26,5 kg and now sports a shaven strip on her neck where her blood was drawn. As her coat seems to be starting to prepare for winter, this strip will disappear soon. Her energy level was as high as always in the afternoon, but the following day she was a little sluggish and sleepy. That might have been caused by the fact that we also had her vaccinated by the veterinarian..o8o. .o8o. .o8o. .o8o. '-.-' '-.-' '-.-' Rakša úspěšně darovala krev, což je víc, než se zatím dá říci o mně:) Byla kompletně vyšetřena, zvážena (26,5 kg) a udělali jí rozbor krve, po odběru jsme ji ještě rovnou nechali naočkovat. Více o podmínkách psího dárcovství krve naleznete zde. Informace o lidském dárcovství krve zde.