First month

Post date: Jan 04, 2013 11:58:14 AM

The puppies have started eating minced meat and it seems to suit them well:) They are growing quickly and changing every day. Their movement gets more stable with every step they take. As for noise - they have started to use wolfish pronounciation, I noted some attempts at howling and also growling and barking was heard already. It's still a very unimpressive sound, but it's a start.Our only male, Monty, has a green string around his neck and his future owners have visited him already. The three females will be named Mysteria, Marley and Mí, but it is still undecided which will go to whom, so in the photo albums they are marked pink, grey and red. Our second male puppy, Mithrandir, died only nine days old, he had a light green string.I started a new album of puppy photos. They are starting to interact with one another, move around, whine and eat, so I have many shooting oportunities. We also welcome visits from our friends who help us socialize the puppies. The puppies are soft and cuddly and their teeth are still tiny, so people are quite willing to pet them. However the time when the teddy bears change into a bunch of little crocodiles is coming near:)