Forty-Seventh Day of Raksha's Pregnancy

Post date: Nov 27, 2012 2:27:15 PM

Quite undeniably now, Raksha's belly is starting to show even on photographs. According to canine pregnancy calendar, the puppies' hip bones are ossifying these days, and their fur is starting to grow. We are still accepting some more reservations for puppies.Shadow, the father of the puppies, is busy competing in mushing and continues his Shutzhund training. Raksha, on the other hand, is slowing down considerably;] She has less and less endurance, as her body seems to be doubling in width. Her behavior has changed as well. She is very content with herself, proud, extremely cuddly and sociable... and when other dogs sniff her during walks, her confidence almost shines: "Just watch me, I'm gonna have puppies soon! Incredible, ain't I?"Dad is spoiling her rotten. Not only she is spending half the day in the house, inside of which she didn't have access before, but she also discovered our new leniency towards any disobedience... Dad also built a warm kennel inside her already warm kennel, as we all hope she will prefer that instead of digging her own hole in our garden to give birth in:]She eats double the amount of food now, drinks A LOT of water and loves her vitamins. I think over all she is enjoying herself, and in turn, we are enjoying her!The newest photos of fat Raksha are at Picasaweb, as always.