Grandma Frei Came to Visit

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 11:4:35 PM

Frei is self-assured serenely calm dog, Marley was very impressed. It is clearly to see where Shadow's traits come from. I think that while Mysteria seems to inherited light colours and big size more from Frei, Marley is small and colorful after Lucifer. However, Marley's temperament is mix of everything from her parents and grandparents from both sides... she is so loving and playful and active and mischievous! True little devil;]

To complete the family visits, we met with Frei Malý Bysterec, who is Marley's grandmother from father's side. As it with in-laws relations goes, we didn't even try to introduce Raksha to her mother in law, taking Marley and Frei for a walk outside.Photos