Keep working

Post date: Jun 16, 2010 8:31:58 AM

Our weekly sessions at dog school began, and I'm learning:] Raksha doesn't care much for walking, stopping, sitting and getting up and repeat and repeat. She occasionally cares for the treats I keep offering her as a reward for her looking at me though. Still, there are so many nice dogs she yearns to play with...and so do I. She learns fast and she gets bored fast, repetition is not really her thing.Several days of 30°C weather finally persuaded Raksha to shed her winter coat, Shiva doing the same. We are looking forward to see them in their summer attire.In spare time they both help me with my french class homework: Shiva sleeps on my bed at my side and sleeping Raksha puts her wet nose on the definition of compte rendu.Au revoir!