Mystery Came for a Visit

Post date: May 05, 2013 9:14:59 AM

Raksha's daughter is just lovely. Raksha welcomed her by growl, but after a while they both calmed down and could be left to play freely. I think Mysty recognized us, though we noticed a big change since we last seen her - she has grown so much! ;]We were very curious to see what she inherited from her parents, what is her temperament like, how her owners are getting along with her, ... So, um, they sometimes call her Satan:D She likes to terrorize the two cats she lives with, also has landed in their neighbour's chicken pen by accident while chasing said cats, caused a flood in their yard by turning on a garden tap... Their home is somewhat destroyed, furniture bearing marks of puppy teeth now. I think she is very lucky she has such loving and patient owners;] So yeah, they wouldn't call her so calm and flegmatic now, but I think the basic temperament hasn't changed - she is not fearful, doesn't overreact, is interested in people, loves to jump on them and lick them, and bore Raksha's disciplining with patience and submission. Her movement is smooth, trot flowing - both Raksha and Shadow showing clearly there - and reactions super quick. Jumping, turning, snapping her teeth, showing her belly... it was a pleasure to watch her play with Raksha. Her colours seem to resemble Shadow more than Raksha, eyes are light. I think we can all be very proud of her;]Next time we hope to have a bigger family meeting...

Photos are here, as per usual.