National Breeds

Post date: Jun 30, 2012 4:59:27 PM

Barney is a Bohemian Shepherd, in Czech called Chodský pes. It is a Czech national breed of dog (same as CSWs), with their own breed standard, pedigrees, shows and stuff. I think they are close to German Shepherd, but their origins are out of village mutts, selection was based on the desired appearance of mountain sheep dog from old Czech stories. Our neighbor has two of these dogs and swears he has never known any breed that would be so easily trainable as Chodský pes. They train themselves, he claims. Well, Barney seems to confirm this claim, as he is a nice, obedient dog and a successful participant in agility competitions. Moreover, he has lots of fur, which Raksha finds irresistible:PRufus is a Smooth Collie. Not our national breed, but still a very Czech-friendly dog, I love his trick with a ball, I've never seen such skilled thief of balls from other dog's mouths. Raksha and I had much fun, between gasping for breath I even took some pictures and if you'd like to know more about Barney and Rufus, here is their web page, and here you can read about their activities.