Raksha Is Pregnant

Post date: Oct 24, 2016 7:10:49 AM

I can feel the puppies moving in her belly. Besides, you only need to look at the speed with which Raksha goes through her pile of frozen meat to realize she is eating for twenty:] We are enjoying the pregnant-Raksha behaviour - constant demand for attention, cuddling, overflowing self-satisfaction and contentment. The only downside I can see is her renewed interest in den-making. Especially the den below our garden shed grows promisingly deep: unless Raksha gives birth soon, we shall be able to open new trading route with Australia.I wish I were able to supply you with more photos and updates, but my computer died on me - again - and this time it seems final:] I hope to get a new one soon and post more photos of Raksha's only son Monty, who is an approved breeding male now. You can reserve a puppy from his first planned litter!