Raksha's family

Post date: Dec 08, 2010 8:53:34 AM

Kony did all she could to teach Raksha how to pull, and it was time to bring her back to Hanka Kaufmanová. Incidentally we saw how the puppies in the Od Úhoště kennel have grown, as we met up with Kerstin Eisel and her husband, who are the owners of Raksha's father, mother and brother. What a family reunion! I took pictures, but there was no sun, so the quality is not so great... We found out that Queen is a fan of tough motherly love, so only boys with Raksha could play at liberty. Jawzahr is lovely, his legs are long like a model's making his movement graceful (most of the time:) in the deep snow. We know now where Raksha's friendly character and her omnipresent licking tongue comes from - her dad is a charmer:]