The Last Family Photo

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 6:27:19 PM

I'm glad Raksha only has four puppies. It's so hard to make a family shot, you wouldn't believe. The pups are like a bag of fleas, running in all directions. But I think in the end - after several unsuccessful attempts - we have done quite well, don't you agree? I made do with only three assistants, too:) Ideally, you should have at least one agile assistant per puppy, plus one or more loud people behind you to grab the puppies' short-lived attention. That's quite a crowd if you have the average litter of seven...Check out the Six Weeks picasa album.The puppies have been dewormed, microchipped and had their first vaccinations. Monty and Mysteria have left for their new homes in Czech Republic, Mí and Marley will stay a bit longer with us, as they are to travel abroad by plane, to Spain and USA respectively.Monty and Mysteria have complained a little about the separation in their new homes, but they will be fine eventually, seeing from the photos the new owners sent us. They both got their first own fashionable collars, and as Lady and Tramp know - collar makes a dog:)