The Puppies Keep Growing

Post date: Dec 12, 2016 10:24:8 AM

Although Raksha's fans can follow all Y II. Litter updates on a special page dedicated to them, dad writes it only in Czech, so here are some news for our international guests:

Our three females and one male have entered their sixth week of life. Their pedigree names will be Yaken, Yzzy, Yasmi and Ygraine. Yaken will be called Mitra, which means "friend" in Sanskrit, and will stay with us at home. All three females will stay in the Czech Republic, exactly which one with which owner is yet to be determined following the genetic tests results of DM and dwarfism.

Although Mitra has been the smallest of the litter, ever since we started adding meat to their dairy menu he has been gaining weight by leaps and bounds. All puppies have been microchipped and also checked for any deformities by our breeder. Everything is normal, there is a correct number of heads, paws, tails and ears...

As soon as the wolfdog family moved out of our guest-room to their kennel outside, we invited everyone to come pet the little wolfies, so that they can get used to all kinds of people, their smells, movements and noises. So far the number of unique smells is over seventy! Yup, everyone is able to find a little time to come cuddle the cute puppies, even during the busy before-Christmas time:] If you still haven't been here to visit, and you feel inclined to come, just check in with the main manager of our puppies's social calendar: dad.

Mitra (Yaken II. od Úhoště)

Šňůrka (on photos has either this yellow collar or a blue/purple string)

Indiánka (colorful collar)

Kudrnka (no collar and slightly curly hair)